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Say it with flowers…

Introducing the Studio Covers birthday gifting line.

You are perhaps wondering what this has to do with birthdays. You don’t see a zodiac sign or the month mentioned anywhere.

We decided to do something slightly different - something that felt more like us.


The cover has been embroidered with the flower of September - Aster - in the colour of September - cerulean blue. All these elements combined together create the perfect gift for the September borns. After all, is there a better way to say “happy birthday” than with flowers?


About Aster 

Once upon a time, Greek goddess Astraea, found it terribly saddening that there were only a few stars in the sky. She began weeping. Her tears slowly transformed into the beautiful and intricate purple Aster flowers. 

Aster flowers emerge in the fall - they greet us in September with their little stars, sweet smells, and vibrant hues. Under the gleam of the sun, the little buds blossom into delightful star-shaped perennials. 

Aster is the birth flower of all those born in the autumnal month of September. Relative to the sunflower, Aster flowers are symbolic of love, innocence and faith. Asters have a charming mysticism and whimsy, possibly because they’ve been at the heart of quite a few folklores and legends, associated with goddesses, fairies and incidentally, lucky charms! They bloom in a myriad of vivid colours, including red, purple, yellow, white and blue - which is also the colour of September. 


So we bring to you Aster, a hand-embroidered floral cushion cover, fashioned with an abundance of warmth and attention to detail. A flexible girl, she’ll fill just about any space you put her in with plenty of spunk and sparkle. Aster is an ode to all those born in the month of spring flowers and blue skies. 

You can choose to pair Aster with the pleated shabby chic Oxford cover to make the perfect couple.


SKU: 364115376135191
  • - Dimensions: 16 x 16 inches

    - Material: Cotton-linen blend

    - Colours: Ivory, shades of blue, and shades of tea green

    - Embellishments: Embroidery and finished with delicate fringe edging

    - Wash Care: Dry clean recommended

    - Contents: Cushion cover


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